And now we are a REAL farm ;)


Well, we made it a good 5 years without one, but today we enter a whole new era of possibility with a tractor.

And Waylon is super excited about it.

We think you’ll be excited too, as the tractor means plowing new plots for perennial berries, opening up space for sweet potatoes, and even grading the road.

And anyone who’s been up our road knows that it could use some grading! So look forward to easy driving when you pick-up your CSA share this summer 😉

On the berry front, we’re preparing a 1/2 acre for blueberries, to be planted next spring.  This will eventually compliment the CSA and be open for pick-your-own berries.

Other types of berries will follow, but we’re still creating the plan for those.  (Raspberries and strawberries are high on the list).

This recent cold snap has kept us busy in the greenhouse, up-potting crops for our Memorial Day Weekend Plant Sale.  Waylon is keeping up with planting, too, having filled a menagerie of pots with soil and flower seeds, dubbing himself “the flower guy.”

We’ve checked the weather, and it looks like summer will start to ease in during the 3rd week of May—so keep warm and take heart!  The days really will get warmer soon (I think I may be saying this more for our sake than yours…but you understand, right?)

Until then, we’ll continue to prep beds, transplant hardy seedlings, and harvest greens.  If you’re hankering for a fresh good heart salad, stop by The Skinny Pancake or Tulsi Tea Room in Montpelier, where you’ll find our mesclun mix, spinach, and other delicious foods.

Beginning in June, we’ll have farm stand produce for sale during CSA pick-up.  You can save 5% at the farm stand with pre-paid credit.  Learn more on our CSA page.

We wish you a lovely weekend!

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge

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