CSA Harvest Newsletter 7/14

Yesterday we layered up in flannel and fleece and raincoats.  I’m not sure if it’s summer or spring again, but there’s a benefit to everything: vegetables don’t wilt in cool misty weather, and as we harvested for the farmers market, the crops looked beautiful!

This morning we’re out to harvest again for tonight’s CSA pick-up.  The cabbage crop is dense and full, the kale is loving this weather, and the peas are perfectly happy, too.

This will be the last week of fennel for the season, and kohlrabi will take a break until the fall.  As we say goodbye to those crops, the zucchini and summer squash are saying hello.

Just ahead is the bean harvest (we got 6 lbs yesterday, and expect a full harvest to come sometime next week).  The first tomatoes are ripening, and in the next week or two there will be enough for the shares!

In the flower field the sunflowers and cosmos are looking strong, but still not quite to blooming.  That field is particularly wet and soggy, and we’re looking forward to some sunnier days next week to help dry it out.

Mark your calendars for July 21, our next pizza night.  Wood-fired pizza by chef Edge will be available by donation from 4:00-7:00.

We’ll be on vacation (!) the first weekend in August, so there won’t be pizza that first Friday.  We’ll pick it up again the third Friday in August.

Here’s this week’s harvest:

  • Cabbage
  • Bunching onions
  • Zucchini
  • Basil
  • Peas
  • Fennel or Kohlrabi
  • Kale

See recipes below

We’ll see you all soon!

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


Zucchini Tortillasthis calls for 4 cups of zucchinis, and while this week there may not be that much in the share, there will be in the weeks to come!  save up your zukes, or file this away for a future week.  It’s delicious!

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