What We Eat Matters

bunches of orange carrots, held by two hands

I’ve been feeling down since last week’s IPCC climate report came out (here’s a 3 bullet summary from NPR). Okay, “down” isn’t the right word—more like anxious, sad, angry, worried.

I wonder sometimes how much our little farm can do to help solve the climate crisis and injustices of the world.

But then I think of you, all our CSA members, and our extended community, and I remember:

What we eat and how we nourish ourselves matters.

It may feel easy to sink into the heaviness of guilt, grief, and depression. I have done it myself for hours, days, weeks at a time.

It may feel harder to see what is happening in the world—the ravaging fires, floods, and droughts; systemic racism, hunger, violence, war—and still find beauty and joy.

But what I’ve learned from farming is that beauty is both the seed and roots of survival.

How tucking broccoli transplants into soil, or watching monarchs alight on milkweed, or the never ending wonder of harvesting vibrant orange carrots, how choosing to find, witness, grow, and protect beauty is actually easier, in that it brings ease.

Choosing to be part of a community that is willing to see devastation and answer it with compassion, soil, and seeds feels better than turning away; for turning away from problems means also turning away from possibilities and solutions.

Organic regenerative agriculture is part of the climate solution. Regional resilient food systems are part of the climate solution.

What we eat and how we nourish ourselves matter.

When you eat locally, you become part of a place. When you nourish yourself with local food, you nourish the community and local food system, too.

So much beauty grows from these simple acts: tending the soil, planting seeds, engaging in community.

And from that beauty grows resilience. We can do a lot when we come together.

Thank you for being part of it all.

Thank you for eating locally and supporting organic regenerative agriculture. Together we can grow a resilient, nourishing future.

In Good Heart,

Katie & Edge

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