Good Heart Farmstead, L3C is a Certified Organic farm in Worcester, VT.


Good Heart Farmstead is located on a western slope facing the beautiful Worcester Mountain Range, and is run by Edge Fuentes and Kate Spring.  Our mission is to make local food accessible to all, despite income levels, and to offer a place for you to connect to your food and the land.

We offer seasonal vegetable and herb CSA shares May – November.  You can also find us at the Worcester Farmers Market June – September, and eat our salad greens at local restaurants in Montpelier.

To increase accessibility, CSA shares are available at a discount through the NOFA Farm-Share Program, and through work-trade.  Throughout the summer, we host open-houses, workshops and special on-farm events, and hope you’ll join us!  After all, a farm is strengthened as much by its community as a community is strengthened by the farms that feed it.

Our Beginnings

We first met at Calypso Farm and Ecology Center, a non-profit educational farm in Alaska.  Edge served as the Farm Health Manager, keeping track of crop rotations and cover crops, and helped train farm apprentices.  Kate worked for a season as a School Garden Supervisor, running a small school garden in downtown Fairbanks and teaching students to garden and run a small CSA.  During our time at Calypso, we made many connections with low-income customers, and saw first hand the importance of making food available to everyone, despite income-brackets.  At the end of 2010, Kate returned home to Vermont, happily bringing Edge with her.

Our first winter back in Vermont was spent envisioning a farm that would be accessible to everyone.  Inspired by our time in Alaska, we made it the central goal of our farm to increase the availability and accessibility of fresh, local food to low-income Vermonters.  In our search for farmland to lease, we met John and Rocio Clark of Applecheek Farm in Hyde Park when we stopped by their farm store to buy raw milk.  After a long conversation that first day and a few subsequent dinners, we accepted their offer to move onto their farm that spring.  In May 2011, we put up a yurt, and began our apprenticeship of intensive-grazing and organic dairy farming.  As we learned, we kept growing our own farm vision, and in the spring of 2012, we found land in Worcester, and bought the 15 acres that is now our home and Good Heart Farmstead.


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