Good Heart Mission

As an L3C, we put social responsibility first.  Our mission is to grow healthy, whole foods and to make them available to people of all income levels, increasing the accessibility of local food to low-income Vermonters.   We strive to strengthen our community through food, and to promote creativity, communication, peace and learning through a direct connection to the land and the food we eat. 

An L3C, or low-profit limited liability corporation, is a for-profit business with a charitable or educational purpose as its main goal, and is often described as a mix between a non-profit and for-profit company.

To learn more about L3C, see the VT Secretary of State website.

3 thoughts on “Good Heart Mission

  1. Emøke Bendixen says:

    Thanks for inspiration. I am an avid vegetable gardener, not a real farmer, although lucky enough to live on a real farm in Denmark (Europe), so really far from you, but still finding your website wonderfully inspirational.
    By reading your blog I enjoy learning about how you in Vermont build farmer-customer relationships. I admire your work and your communication skills. Thanks and very good luck with it all.
    EB in Denmark

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