Thanksgiving Harvest Gratitude


It’s a snow-filled Thanksgiving!  

Wow, it’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here…

…and with it, the end of the 2018 CSA season.  Thank you for eating along with us throughout this season and this year.  Our CSA Members are the heart of Good Heart.  We wouldn’t be farming if it weren’t for you, and we’re so grateful to have the opportunity to feed you and your family local organic food.

Among our family and friends, we have many different food restrictions—from vegan and vegetarian to halal, from gluten and egg allergies to dairy and sunflower allergies.

As Edge and I were talking pies this morning, I was trying to come up with a pumpkin pie to meet everyone’s needs, and it got me thinking about how food both defines us and brings us together.

Because beyond of all the restrictions, we all eat vegetables.  To be able to show up to Thanksgiving with crates full of squash, onions, potatoes, and more fills us up emotionally just as much as it does physically.

We may not agree on politics or meat or what the perfect holiday pie is (it’s apple for me), but we can sit down together over roasted roots, a mesclun salad, and a glass of wine (or not), and find commonalities in the meals we share.

Some of our plates may hold turkey and gravy while others are piled with pasta and red sauce (in the Fuentes family, we have a full-blown Italian meal alongside the traditional turkey).  While our food tells a story of what we don’t eat and of who we’re not, it also tells stories of what we choose and who we are.

Thank you for choosing to eat with us.  For choosing to bring organic food to your table, and to feed your family with local vegetables.  

At the root of it all, soil holds us together.  Just walk into any garden, and you’ll know it’s true.  When I’m finding myself worn down from the seemingly endless divisions, I come back to this simple truth of sustenance.

Maybe I can’t actually break bread with Edge because he’s gluten free, but we can all eat vegetables together.  And that is something I’m holding very dear this year.

Thanks for reading—I know this is a bit longer than usual.  Just know we’re grateful for you, and for all you bring to this community and the world.

And with that, here’s the Thanksgiving harvest:

  • Apples: 4lbs
  • Pumpkin Puree (16 oz)
  • Winter Squash / pumpkin: 3 lbs
  • Onions: 2 lbs
  • Carrots: 3 lbs
  • Potatoes: 3 lbs
  • Turnip/Radish/Kohlrabi choice: 1 lb
  • Garlic: 2 bulbs
  • Kale: 1 bunch
  • Mesclun: 1/3 lb

See recipes below.

And remember—there’s just over 2 more weeks to save $260 dollars on your Full Season CSA!  Sign up by November 30 for the biggest savings.  Payment plans are also available.  And as always, we have subsidized shares for the Winter CSA.  Get all the info on our CSA page.

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


Eat Local All Winter Long


eating winter lettuce in the greenhouse

Winter CSA & Full Season CSA sign-ups have begun!

We’ve heard from many of you that your’e excited for local food to continue come January, and we’re excited, too!

We’ve also heard that you like consistency, so we made a few small tweaks to the CSA pick-up times in order to keep everything as consistent as possible.

Beginning with the Winter CSA:

Montpelier pick-ups will be on Mondays from 4:30 – 6:30 at the City Center (no change there!) and will continue on Mondays throughout the year.  Summer CSA pick-up will be outside at Union Elementary School.

Worcester pick-up will change back to Fridays at 4:30 – 6:30, and will be at the Worcester Town Hall during the Winter & Spring shares, and at the farm for the Summer share.  Fall Harvest CSA is to be determined, as we typically change the day to accommodate the fact that Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday.

The Winter CSA begins on January 7 and goes through March 15.

The share costs $247.50, and gives you 10% off the retail value.  

This share emphasizes choice, and while the options will be similar from week to week, you’ll be able to choose which roots, alliums, and pantry items you want to bring home each week.

You can learn more and see a sample share here.

As always, we’re offering subsidized CSA shares!  We have over $500 to put towards subsidized CSA shares for the Winter CSA.

If you’re interested in a subsidized CSA share, email us for more information, or simply fill out a sign-up form and choose “Farm Share Program” under payment options.

Want to ensure your 2019 share and get the biggest savings?  Now is the time to sign up for your Full Season CSA.

The Full Season CSA gives you Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall for 47 weeks of local organic food.

Paying for your share early allows you to save $261—that’s more than 20% on your 2019 CSA.  Last year, we sold out of Full Season and Spring CSA shares, so signing up now also ensures you won’t miss out on the Good Heart bounty.

Along with all you get, signing up and paying in full now helps us with winter costs like propane, seeds, potting soil, and the regular costs of keeping the farm running.

In this way, the Full Season CSA is the epitome of the “S” in CSA:

We support your health and wallet by giving you a year’s worth of local organic food at the best price, and you support us with your early payment so we can keep the farm singing along all through the winter and spring.

The full price of the Full Season CSA is $1258.

But when you sign up and pay in full by November 30, you can get it for $997.

If you want in on the Full Season, but can’t quite swing the full price, don’t worry.  We’re also offering a payment plan.

The payment plan allows you to spread the cost of the share over 7 months, and gives you 15% off the retail value.

Sign up and make your first payment of $152.75 by November 30 to ensure a year’s worth of local organic harvests.

Learn more about each share and sign up on our website.

And now for this week’s harvest:

  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Radishes
  • Garlic
  • Magic Soup Starter (see recipes)
  • Greens
  • Parsley

Wishing you a delicious weekend!

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


Perfect Roast Carrots (3 Ways)

Magic Soup Starter : Like boullion, this veggie salt preserve will add instant flavor to your soup.  This share’s version is made with onions, carrots, and parsley. To use: Sauté 1 heaping TBS of soup starter in 1 TBS olive oil for 2-3 minutes. Add 4 C water, bring to a boil. Strain out the veggies for straight stock, or keep them in and add fresh vegetables to make vegetable soup.

Bears Hibernate. Local Food Doesn’t


The hoop house is filled up with winter greens!

Winter is right around the corner, but don’t worry!  Vermont snow doesn’t mean you have to eat California vegetables.  

Instead, eat local with the Good Heart Winter CSA.

Imagine: warming soups, fresh greens, and roasted roots.  Pot pies stuffed with carrots, potatoes, and parsnips.  Local spinach salad in the midst of winter.

Fill your kitchen, your family, and your taste buds with local fare all winter long when you sign up for a Winter CSA share.

We’ll do the growing, you do the eating.

You don’t have to stop at winter, though.  Every year, we offer a discount on the coming year’s CSA, and this is our biggest one yet.

Sign up for the 2019 Full Season CSA share by November 30, and you’ll save over $260.

The Full Season Share will feed you from January 7 – November 25.  You’ll get the full range of seasonal Vermont eating, from hearty roots to vibrant greens to juicy tomatoes.

And as thank-you for signing up early, we’re giving you  more than a 20% discount.

Don’t wait, though—the discount is good only through November 30.

If paying in full is too big of a swing for you, we’ve got you covered with a payment plan.

Learn more about the Full Season Share—and find descriptions of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall—over on our website.

This week’s harvest:

  • Winter squash
  • Potatoes
  • Leeks
  • Garlic
  • Kale or Chard
  • Sauerkraut – choice of classic, beet, or curry kraut

see recipes below

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


Sauerkraut is a naturally fermented food made from cabbage and sea salt.
Particularly delicious when eaten with sausage, stews, and rueben sandwiches, it’s a perfect side-dish to most any meal (we’ve been known to add it to breakfast eggs).  Kraut is packed with probiotics, which aid in digestion and contribute to a healthy gut.
Not sure which variety you’ll like best?  We’ll have the classic sauerkraut, beet kraut, and curry kraut open for taste tests at the next CSA pick-up.
If you’re unfamiliar with fermented foods, don’t worry.  I was once a newbie to krauts, too.  Read about it, and learn how to make your own, here.

Fall Harvest: Roots, Greens & 600 lbs of Apples


We snuck away from the farm last Tuesday and spent the week in Acadia.  

It was a last-minute trip, planned just days ahead when Edge saw the weather would be nicer on the Maine coast than it would be at the farm.  Before we left, we worked long days in the field harvesting storage crops and getting beds ready for winter’s rest, and then turned the delivery van into an adventure van and set off!

We got home in time to go to Shelburne Orchard’s truckload sale and fill up the van with 600 lbs of apples.

Yes—600 pounds!  Some will grace coming CSA shares, and some will be turned into sauce for the winter CSA.

Though the fields are slowing down outside, the hoop house and greenhouse are filled with greens, from lettuce to spinach to kale and chard, to herbs and leeks.  Despite the snow flurries, there’s still so much green!

This week’s harvest:

  • Winter squash
  • Potatoes
  • Watermelon Radish or Scarlet Ohno Revival Turnip
  • Mesclun
  • Garlic
  • Herb choice: cilantro, parsley, oregano

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


Goodbye Flowers, Hello Winter Greens!


After a snap of summer, we’re looking at snow in the 7-day forecast.  

We took this week to get bulk carrots and daikon radish harvested, beds prepped for winter’s rest, and over-all tidying of the farm fields.

The flowers by the greenhouse have been pulled (I know—I was sad, too!) to make way for cover crops, but there are still some flowers to be picked by the solar panels, that will stick around for Monday.

Soon, though, we’ll turn our flower clippers in for wooden spoons and adorn the kitchen table with soups instead of bouquets.

It’s been a steady summer and fall season, and we’re grateful to you for sharing in the harvest with us.

Though summer flowers are getting pulled, winter greens are growing well in the hoop house and greenhouse.  Some will be harvested for this share, and others will wait for winter, when we’ll be offering a Winter CSA!

We’ll send out more information about that soon, but know that we’ll have fresh greens, plus roots and more for you come January.

This week’s harvest:

  • Mesclun
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Kohlrabi
  • Kale
  • Herb choice: thyme, oregano, sage

See recipes below.

Have a cozy weekend!

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


Fall Harvest CSA 10/8


The Fall Harvest CSA share from Oct 1: kale, beets, onions, mesclun, parsley, garlic, napa cabbage, carrots

The cold nights have set in, and the big root harvests have commenced!  

Carrots, turnips, and storage radishes are being pulled from the field, washed and put into storage bags.  From there, they’ll store in the walk-in cooler with the potatoes and onions until they’re doled out at CSA pick-ups.

In the kitchen, we’re all about soups and roasted roots right now.  In that spirit, I’ve included two soup recipes and a butternut squash risotto below in the recipe box.

We’ll have Good Heart CSA canvas bags available for sale at the pick-up this Monday.  Perfect for packing your share in!  Bags are $21 each.

Summer CSA Members: keep a lookout in your email for a short survey!  Your feedback will help us plan for next summer and design a CSA you love.

This week’s harvest:

  • Radish
  • Spinach
  • Winter Squash
  • Potatoes
  • Leeks
  • Carrots
  • Herb: parsley, sage, or thyme

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


Summer to Fall, Keep the Veggies Coming

Thanks to everyone who came out for Farm Pizza Night!  

It was the best one yet, and we had so much fun hanging out with you.

Thanks to you, we’ve raised an extra $526 for the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program.  Paired with the $870 we raised through our canvas bag fundraiser, we have $1396 to put towards subsidized CSA shares!  

Sign up for a subsidized CSA directly through NOFA-VT (see income eligibility below).

There’s still time to sign up for the Fall Harvest CSA!  
From bountiful roots to winter squash to tender kale, chard, and lots of fresh greens, and so much more—this share is the delicious culmination of the growing season.

Sign up by Friday to get your share, and to feed your family fresh, local organic veggies all season long.

As always, we include an automatic 10% discount on the CSA, but don’t wait!  That discount goes away once the share has started.  If there’s still room to join after the 24th, we’ll pro-rate your share based on the full rate.

Somehow summer turned into September, and September is already winding itself down.

Thank you for another great Summer CSA season!  You’re the reason we grow, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing you every week at CSA pick-up.  As we close out the summer season, we have a bountiful share for you to enjoy.

This week’s harvest:

  • Potatoes
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Cucumber
  • Mesclun
  • Spinach
  • Herb choice: parsley, dill, thyme

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge

You can get a CSA share at 50% off through the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program if you meet these income eligibility guidelines:Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 7.32.14 AM


Balsamic Roasted Roots w/Spinach Sauce
Carrot-Tahini Dip
Spearmint-Lime Cucumber Water (because even though it’s getting fall, it’s still hot like summer!)

Last Chance to get your Good Heart bags!

The Good Heart canvas bag fundraiser ends tonight!

We’re 19 away from meeting our goal of selling 50 bags.  Can you help us get there?

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 7.16.20 AMThere’s still time for you to get your Good Heart canvas bag and help us raise money for subsidized CSA shares.  Each bag sold benefits the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program.

THANK YOU to everyone who’s already bought a bag and supported this fundraiser!  Every dollar we raise is matched by NOFA-VT, and will go directly to subsidizing shares for the Fall Harvest CSA.

This week is a sneak peak into fall, with the first winter squash and garlic in the share.  

The Fall Harvest CSA starts on September 24.  Sign up to get your share of fall roots, winter squash, fresh greens, and farmstead preserves like pesto, pumpkin puree, and sauerkraut.

This week’s share:

  • Carrots
  • Bunching Onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Garlic
  • Herb Choice
  • Kale or Chard
  • Delicata
  • Plums

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


3 Days Left! Get your Good Heart Bag Today

There are only 3 days left in our canvas bag fundraiser!

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 7.16.20 AM

So far we’ve sold 27 bags and raised $660!  Thank you to everyone who’s purchased a bag and donated so far–your support is so important, and will go directly to subsidizing CSA shares for low-income Vermonters.

Our goal is to sell 23 more bags by Sunday.  Can you help us?

Click here to get your bag today.  

Whether or not you’re able to buy a bag, thank you for being part of the Good Heart community.  We’re thankful for each and every one of you.  Thanks for sharing this land, this food, this community with us.

Here’s to delicious food and full bellies for everyone~

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge