10 More Days to get Your CSA!

There’s 10 more days to sign up for your Good Heart CSA share. 

The deadline to sign up for a Full-Season or Veggie & Herb Share is May 1st.

Why the deadline this year?  Practically speaking, this gives us the ability to plan more effectively, and enables us to better serve you.

The CSA model is rooted in the premise of customers signing up in the winter and spring, supporting farmers early in the year in exchange for fresh vegetables all summer long.

Originally, we loved the CSA for the way it can financially support the farm during typically lean months.

But as we’ve grown over the last 5 years, we’ve found that the greatest support that CSA creates is in the relationships: those between farmer, eater, land and food.

For us, the true value in CSA is far greater than the cost of a share.

We aspire to offer this land as a weekly resting place, where you come to get vegetables but also get relaxation as you pick flowers and take in the view; as you catch up with other members who’ve become friends; as you load up on bumper crops of zucchini and cucumbers; as you eat slices of wood-fired pizza on a warm summer night.

We aspire to show up for you every day of the year: in the winter months, as we plan the fields, buy the seeds and soil and supplies; in the spring as we spread compost, make beds, and plant; in the summer as we harvest and wash and welcome you to the farm; in the autumn as we keep the harvest going until we finally put the beds to rest and winter comes back around.

We may not see you everyday, but we tend to the farm daily to make sure we’re ready when you arrive.  And we love to do it.  We love to work the soil, grow the food, beautify this space and welcome you to it.

Now, if you’re ready and excited to become a Good Heart CSA Member, we invite you to show up by signing up.

Here’s what you’ll get as a Good Heart CSA Member:

  • Weekly shares of fresh, certified organic produce
  • Weekly recipes to go along with your share
  • Free pick-your-own flowers
  • 10% discount on extra produce
  • A beautiful view and nourishing space to relax in each week when you come to the farm

We’re here.  You can be, too!

Sign up for your CSA share by May 1st.  

We so look forward to growing for you this season.

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

Summer Pizza Nights on the Farm

We’ve been firing up the pizza oven and getting lots of practice (and taste tests) in for this summer.

Whether you pick up your share in Montpelier or at the farm, we hope you’ll join us for our twice monthly pizza nights this summer.

  • When: 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, June – September, 4:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Where: Good Heart!
  • Why: CSA pick-up is so fun—and also often during dinner!  Now you can eat and hang out at the farm instead of rushing home to cook.  Soak in the view, pick some flowers, and enjoy wood-fired pizza.
  • How: Slices will be by donation, and all profits will go toward subsidized CSA shares
  • Who: YOU!  All CSA members, Farm Stand Credit members, and general community members are welcome for pizza nights.

Summer will be here in a blink—and the CSA sign-up deadline will be here in two weeks!

Remember: the CSA sign-up deadline is May 1st.  

*deadline applies to Full Season and Veggie & Herb Shares only.  Farm Stand Credit is available all season.

Become a Good Heart CSA Member today for a season of fresh, certified organic veggies, beautiful flowers, and delicious pizza 🙂

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

Tomato ~ Tomahto : Summer is Coming!


The sun is shining and the greenhouse doors are open.  Even though there aren’t actual fruits in there yet, the tomato plants sure do smell like summer.

I LOVE tomatoes.  I love growing them and eating them and finding new varieties to try.  But every year, Edge and I always come back to our favorites.

His: Green Zebra.  Mine: Rose de Berne (both pictured above)

Green Zebra, along with its bright green streaks and yellow skin, is zingy and tart and the perfect tomato to top a BLT.  Rose de Berne is meaty and sweet, with just the right balance of acidity—perfect for caprese salad!

Are you hungry yet?

If you’re a gardener, you can get both of these varieties at our Plant Sale on Memorial Day Weekend.  10% of our profits will go to the Doty Memorial School lunch program.

If you’re an eater, you can get them in your CSA share!

The CSA sign-up deadline is May 1st.  

Thanks to everyone who signed up for a share in March!  Because of you, we’re donating an extra $90 to subsidized CSA shares.

Do you qualify for a subsidized share?  Find out on the NOFA-VT website(and sign up for a subsidized share through the Farm Share Program).

We hope today’s sunshine brought some brightness to your day.  And remember: May 1st is coming fast, so renew your Good Heart Membershiptoday 🙂

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

PYO Flowers, Peas & Herbs this Summer!

Hello all!

It’s raining now, but did you see next week’s forecast?  Sun!  And 70º on Monday!  The seedlings are popping up and we’re already blooming inside 🙂

Speaking of blooming…I’m really excited about this year’s PYO flower plot.  We’ve got a few new beautiful varieties that I know you’ll love. We’re expanding the space for more flowers, too.

Even though they’re not a main crop for us (or one we even sell), the flowers are one of my favorite parts of the farm.  Maybe it’s because they’re an extra that I love them so much.  Because we all need something we grow or do just because it brings us joy.

Growing up, my mom always had a fresh bouquet or two (or three) in the house.  Thanks to her, I find both beauty and comfort in flowers.  They may not feed me, but they are a necessity.

SO, I’m looking forward to the summer and opening up the you-pick flower plot.  One of my favorite parts of CSA pick-up on the farm is seeing the bouquets you make each week.

You can fill your house with flowers this summer when you renew your CSA membership.

The CSA sign-up deadline is May 1st.  

Along with PYO flowers, we’re adding snap peas and herbs to the PYO options!

PYO will be open weekdays from 3:00-6:00, during CSA pick-up on Fridays from 3:00-7:00, and Saturday from 10:00-2:00.

We have some more exciting news:

We’ve just been approved to accept SNAP EBT benefits for the CSA.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) assists limited-income Vermonters by providing supplemental income for food each month.

This is a big step in our mission of making local food accessible to limited-income Vermonters.  

If you receive SNAP benefits and would like to use them to purchase a CSA share, please email us for more information.  We so look forward to being able to serve our community in a bigger way thanks to this program.

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

What’s Your Spirit Vegetable?


If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

I’d be kale, specifically red russian kale, for it’s balance of tenderness and heartiness.

Edge would be squash, because it’s a verb and a noun (and anyone who knows Edge knows he’s always on the move!)

What about YOU?  What’s your spirit vegetable?  A root that grows in the soil and surprises everyone with it’s sweetness and beauty?  A flower in disguise (like broccoli or cauliflower)?  Or perhaps an onion, with all it’s layers and essential flavor in many meals?

{Can you tell this is one of our favorite farm discussions?}

But really, we’d love to know what vegetable YOU’d be!  Hit reply and let us know 🙂

And when you do, let us know what your plans for summer are, too.  

We know as well as anyone that planning and budgeting are important.  So if you are planning on signing up for a CSA share, but have it in the budget for later in April, please do let us know!

Getting the numbers down early helps create accurate plans to ensure the harvest meets our (and YOUR) needs.

On that note, tomorrow is the last day of March, and the last day of our March Membership Challenge!

Will you be one of 4 people to sign up for a CSA share by Friday?

When you do, we’ll donate $10 to subsidized CSA shares.  Your CSA share will nourish you AND help make local food more accessible for limited-income community members.

Heads up, too, that the deadline to sign up for a CSA share is May 1st.  So don’t delay!  Renew your Good Heart CSA Membership today!

Thank you for letting us grow your food.  It truly is a privilege that we hold close to our hearts.  Because good food is more than a delicious meal.  Good food is a matter of how we tend to the land, to ourselves, and to each other.

Eat well and be well.  Join us for another bountiful season of nourishing food.

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

Soil, Seeds & Sprouting

*March Madness Membership Challenge is on!  We’ll donate $10 to subsidized CSA shares for everyone who signs up for a regular share between now and March 31*

It may feel like winter outside, but inside seedlings are popping up through the soil.

Early tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, celery, onions, leeks, and herbs have all been seeded.  Today we’re starting on the next round, and by next week we’ll be full steam ahead into seeding season.

This time of year is filled with possibility and restraint at once.  A big box of seeds contain the coming season’s future harvests, the sun shines and heats the greenhouse like a summer day, while outside snowy fields and cold wind keep us in check.

Sweet over-wintered spinach helps feed our spring appetite for green.  If you’re looking for fresh greens, too, you can find our spinach at Tulsi Tea Room and, starting again next Thursday, spinach and mesclun mix at the Skinny Pancake in Montpelier.

Spring also has us craving bitters, and we’ve taken to drinking roasted dandelion root lattes in the afternoon, to quell our caffeine intake and wake up our guts with all the plant goodness.

What do you do to get ready for spring?  What foods are you dreaming of?

Whatever part of summer has your heart, we hope you’ll join us for another delicious season.

The Good Heart CSA starts the first week of June, but don’t wait—the deadline to sign up for a share is May 1.  

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the upfront cost, take advantage of the payment plans, or check out the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program to see if you qualify for a subsidized share.

(and remember, with the 10% discount built into the CSA, you’ll be getting fresh, local food for as little as .89 cents/day)

As always, if you have any questions, please do email or call us.

We so look forward to growing food for you this summer!

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

March Madness Membership Challenge

I’m one of those people who listens to VPR during the pledge drives.  It’s exciting—are they going to make their goal?  It’s empowering—so many people step up to become members.  

Whether or not you listen, I think you’ll agree that a community coming together to support an organization that serves everyone, despite their ability to pay for the service, is powerful.

Like VPR, Good Heart Farmstead relies on memberships.

And we work to make fresh, organic local food accessible to everyone, no matter their ability to pay.

To meet our March goals, we need 13 more people to sign up for a CSA share by March 31.

And, for every share sold between now and the end of the month, we’ll give $10 forward for subsidized CSA shares.  

That means your Good Heart CSA Membership will support you and your family and help nourish others, too.

Sign up today for a season of fresh, organic local food.

Thank you for being a part of Good Heart!  We are so grateful for your support, and look forward to supporting YOU with a summer of nourishing food & flowers (and pizza…don’t forget the twice monthly pizza nights coming this summer!).

Until then, eat well, be well, and become a Good Heart Member.

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

The Power of Produce Prescriptions

CSA sign-ups are underway!

Have you ever gotten a prescription for a salad?  How about zucchni, green beans, and carrots?  In downton LA, a new program that connects farmers markets and doctors is doing just that!  Read Take 3 Zucchinis and Call me in the Morning: The power of Produce Prescriptions to learn more about this amazing program!

Don’t be discouraged that LA is far from Vermont—we’ve got your produce prescription right here:


  • Good Heart CSA Share: 1 Summer or 1 Full-Season Share
  • pick-up vegetables 1x/week, June – September, eat fresh and delicious food
  • Refill: every June & October



Health-care costs got you down?  Don’t worry—You can get a Good Heart CSA share for half-off.  The NOFA-VT Farm Share Program applications are now available.  Click the link to see the income guidelines and application.

Seriously, though, we know the power of fresh, nutritious food.  It may not sound flashy, but it is grounding.  And in today’s world, we could all use a bit more grounding.

So renew your membership, or sign up for the first time, today.  Your body and your mind (and your tastebuds) will thank you for it.

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

Practicing for our pizza nights this summer!  Join us every 1st and 3rd Friday, 4:30-7:00 June-September


Farmstead 5K Postponed

Tomorrow is CSA Day, a national CSA sign-up day, and we invite you to join us for another season of fresh, nourishing, organic food.

Everyone who signs up for a CSA this week will receive a $10 Farm Stand gift certificate (think of it as a CSA Day party favor!).

This week’s sun and warm air have us dreaming of spring!  In just under a month, Spring Equinox will be here, and we’ll already have seedlings sprouting up in the greenhouse.

While we love the warmth, it is putting a damper on the Farmstead 5K.Due to Saturday’s forecasted rain, we’re postponing the 5k.  Stay tuned for the new date.

And in case you missed it, visit our website for a new video of Good Heart.

We love growing food for you, and we are so thankful to be your farmers.

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

CSA Day & the Farmstead 5K


lots of snow!  come romp around with us this Saturday at the Farmstead 5K!  

CSA Day is this Friday!  What’s CSA Day, you ask?

It’s a national day of CSA sign-ups (and we didn’t even make this up!)

But before we get into that, we’re so excited to share this short video of Good Heart: Welcome to Good Heart Farmstead Please do share it with your friends!

And now back to CSA Day: Sponsored by Small Farm Central, an organization that pulled together reams of CSA data and found that late February is nationally the most popular time for folks to sign up for a CSA share, CSA Day is designed to jump-start the season and celebrate local food.

So we’re joining thousands of CSA farms across the country and celebrating CSA this Friday.

And, as a thank-you for celebrating CSA day with us, we’re giving a $10 Farm Stand coupon to everyone who signs up for a CSA this week.  This includes shares that are paid in full and with a payment plan (yes, CSA day is technically on Friday, but we’re spreading out the love all week long!)

To end the week, we’re hosting the 5th Annual Farmstead 5K:

a snowshoe romp through the forest to raise money for the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program.  We’ll have wood-fired pizza, soup, cider, a bonfire, and raffle prizes!  Join us Saturday: 10:00-1:00 @Good Heart Farmstead

Sliding scale suggested donation of $5-$20: All proceeds will benefit theNOFA-VT Farm Share Program, which matches each dollar we raise to subsidize CSA shares for families in our community who otherwise would not be able to afford fresh, local food.

We so look forward to seeing you again come June and CSA pick-up time! Until then, we hope to see you at the Farmstead 5k.  Thanks for your support in making local food more accessible!

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge