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What We Eat Matters

I’ve been feeling down since last week’s IPCC climate report came out (here’s a 3 bullet summary from NPR). Okay, “down” isn’t the right word—more like anxious, sad, angry, worried. I wonder sometimes how much our little farm can do to help solve the climate crisis and injustices of the world. But then I think of …

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Food For Pollinators + People

It’s flower season here at the farm. We don’t actually sell flowers — while they’re included as a free PYO perk for our CSA Members, the role flowers play at Good Heart is one of pollination and beauty.   The mix of cultivated and wild flowers on the farm provide homes and food for pollinators like …

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We thought it wasn’t okay to be political as a business. But we have to say this.

The day Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election, I wrote this: I used to think it wasn’t okay to be “political” as a business. I didn’t want to offend anyone (read: I was scared of being judged). But the truth is, organic farming is political. Under the outgoing administration, organic standards have been …

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Racial Justice + Food Justice

At Good Heart, our mission is to make local food accessible to all people. One thing we know for sure is that Food Justice and Racial Justice are inextricably connected. In farming, we don’t know what the weather will bring. We don’t know what pests will show up. In fact, there’s usually way more that we don’t …

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