How We Grow

Good food comes from living soil. 

Our growing philosophy is simple: work with land, take time to observe natural systems, and take actions that restore or uphold balance.  

When you eat Good Heart vegetables, you’re eating food grown with love, water, sunlight, and soil.  That’s it.  You can taste – and see – the difference.  

We Do:

  • Build soil using cover crops.
  • Use organic compost.
  • Rotate crops so as not to deplete the soil.
  • Grow a diversity of crops.
  • Use row cover to keep pests away.
  • Use companion planting to tap into the natural synergies between crops.
  • Grow flowers and have wild areas to support pollinators & beneficial insects.

We Don’t:

  • Use pesticides or herbicides — not even ones that are organic approved.
  • Use synthetic fertilizers or GMOs (those are banned from organic farming and unnecessary for growing thriving crops with high yields).
  • Till the soil, which breaks down its natural structure and organic matter.
  • Grow monocultures, which can lead to soil depletion and increased pest pressure.

As one Farm Share member wrote to us:

“I got the goodies and, seriously, just PEERING inside the bag made me feel more alive. Thank you soooo much for growing such vital, beautiful, vibrant food. It is all delicious and beautiful.”

Farm Share at Good Heart Farmstead: vegetables, raspberries, sunflowers

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