“I really enjoyed getting to know Kate and Edge- they were friendly, always ready to answer questions, and very responsive to requests & inquiries.”
“It’s delicious, convenient and fun. And you people are awfully friendly too.”
“I am committed to eating locally as much as possible (keeping more money in the local economy, reducing environmental harm, supporting small businesses and getting beautiful, fresh food).  I prefer getting a CSA to doing lots of shopping at the farmers market because it is just a lot easier.”
“I love your warmth, your beautiful farm, your delicious vegetables, and your genuine love of growing food for people and nourishing your community. There’s nothing fake or forced about it. And you let us have as many squashes and rutabagas as we want when you have lots of them!  I don’t want to give up having a CSA unless I give up my job and become a much better farmer myself.”

“Thank you so much for all the work!! We LOVED getting fresh vegetables from a local farm every week. Kids loved the tomatoes, pick your own flowers. You guys have a beautiful farm and I love we can communicate closely and you guys listen!!”