Barn Raising

When Edge and I moved onto our land in late September, we had an open field with no buildings, except of course for our yurt.


With our solar-powered electric fence set-up, we were able to bring our sheep to the land when we moved, too, but with winter coming, we drew up plans for a barn and got to work. After the barn site was chosen, we had Onion River Well come put in a frost-free hydrant and excavate the site at the same time.  Then the work parties began!

First, we spent a day hauling rocks from an old wall to the dug-out space where our seed house will be, and began lining the walls with the rocks.  The next work party we continued on the rock wall project, and began working on the foundation and sill plates of the barn.  The final work party a few weeks later culminated with the wall-raising on a snowy day in early December.  Though we still have more work to do, thanks to many rounds of friends we have the solid beginnings to a barn for our sheep and llama!  Thank you to everyone who helped–we wouldn’t be this far without you!

2 thoughts on “Barn Raising

  1. 158 Main & JPD says:

    What a great album of memories you are building! Have a wonderful Christmas. It sounds like you have a good extended family of friends also. We bet you get showered with gifts! Of course, the gift of each other is the ultimate gift.

    • kspring says:

      Thank you! yes, we are so thankful for our friends and family–they always show up and help so much. We hope you have a lovely holiday as well!

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