Building in the Snow

The winter has finally settled in for good.  Edge and I both love winter–its stark cold, its white-washed landscape, its snow and the invitation it always delivers to start again from a place of clarity and possibility.  Winter, for me, is a reminder of all the possibilities that grow out of emptiness.  I am reminded of this each time the wind blows over and erases any sign of our pathways, each time the morning sun and fresh snow transform the Worcester Range so that I catch my breath at its beauty again and again, and even when I am cozied up inside the yurt, pouring over seed catalogs and planning next year’s garden–winter is a time for reflection, for transformation, for beginning anew.

It took a long time for Winter to come this year, but for once neither Edge nor I were hoping for its speedy return.  The barn still needed to be finished, the barnyard fenced in, and the greenhouse put up.  We’ve learned that projects often take longer than expected, though, and so while the barn was framed and raised in just enough time, and permanent fencing went up the last day before snow really settled in, the barn is still in progress.  Now that Edge and I are both working full time off the farm, it has become a weekend project, and I’ll admit, much more of Edge’s project than mine…but we balance each other out, so as he hammers away outside, I finish our seed order inside.

We are happy for the snow now, though.  Now, doing chores I get to sled down the hill with the hay instead of pulling it, and as I fill the sheep’s water bucket each day, I watch the lambs jump and play, and it makes me laugh each time.  The barn gets closer to completion each day Edge is out there, and he had some welcome help yesterday from our friend Jacob.  Our chickens aren’t minding the weather, either, and they have begun to lay around two dozen eggs a day!  That means we’ve started selling eggs!  You can buy them here, at the Farmstead for $4/dozen.  I also bring them to Wolcott each week, to sell them at High Mowing Seeds, where I work.  If you are interested, please give us a call!

We hope you are enjoying the snow as well, and taking time to appreciate all that winter brings.

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