Lambs, Seeds, and Re-building

It’s amazing how fast weeks go by, especially as the sun stretches longer into the day and a new set of to-dos pops up with spring time.  Edge has been working full time on the farm since April began, but I am still working at High Mowing Organic Seeds until the end of the month.  I took a day off to help catch up on things and realized I could take the whole week off and still have more to do–but that is the way of spring, constantly growing, and a new energy comes with the changing days as birdsong returns to the mornings to gently wake us up and enter a new day.

This past week we’ve had four new lambs born: twin ram lambs from Benna and twins, one ewe and one ram lamb, from Deloide; The seed house is greening up as seeds continue to emerge and grow; and we’ve been working on our plan for re-building.  Much of our time these days has been devoted to designing, siting, and estimating the cost of a new building to replace the space we had been using in our neighbor’s barn.  The new building will be a CSA pick-up spot, workshop and community event space, office, and food storage, with an attached root cellar.  Between our fundraiser and a short-term loan from the Center for an Agricultural Economy, we have enough to get started on the building, though our preliminary estimates reach up to $50,000 for the total project.  As a new farm, this definitely wasn’t in our budget for the first year.  Despite that, we are looking at creative ways to fund the building, and we look forward to creating a new space to welcome the community to our farm and expand our ability to host on-farm events and educational workshops once the building is complete.  We’ll keep you updated as we progress toward our goal!

In the meantime, we are seeding, preparing space for chicks and piglets, and getting ready for summer.  We spent Saturday at the Good Beginnings Baby and Child Expo in Montpelier and had a great time meeting families and introducing our farm.  Our CSA is halfway filled, and we still have large and small shares available.  If you are interested in a subsidized share, contact us or fill out a VT Farm Share Application through the NOFA-VT website.  If you already garden or can only commit to part of the summer, check out our Farm Stand Share, which is on a month-by-month basis and includes eggs and pasture raised meat.

We hope you are enjoying the spring despite this last bout of snow~spring in Vermont may not come quickly, but the geese and robins have returned, and the sun will peak out again soon to continue warming our days.

4 thoughts on “Lambs, Seeds, and Re-building

  1. 158 Main & JPD says:

    Great news and progress. So exciting. We must pass this along to a few good folks here in the Cambridge area who are planning community efforts similar to yours. You will be a great inspiration. Happy spring and greetings to the new little ones.

    • kspring says:

      thanks! I’d love to know what is happening in Cambridge, too–my brother lives in Jeffersonville, and I’d be happy to help spread the word!

      • 158 Main & JPD says:

        You are welcome. We have forwarded a link to your blog to some of the key people. Perhaps they’ll be in touch. This is one of the many great aspects of blogging: connecting like-minded people. Have a good evening.

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