Chocolate Lambs and Happy Brassicas

Spring brings so much hope, even these nights that dip back down into the 20s, even the days like tomorrow forecasted to bring wet snow can’t set us back into winter.  The snow is gone, streams of water replacing the ice sheet that had been hunkered down on the field.  Just this weekend I saw the first flock of robins descend on the farm, and I finally exhaled the last breath held in from winter.

Yesterday Dove gave birth to twin lambs, a ewe and a ram lamb, and with their arrival lambing season ended.  We now have five new ewe lambs and six ram lambs.  I am most excited about Deva’s little twin ewes, both deep chocolate brown.  One is a solid brown and one has a white spot right on top of her head!  Our nieces named them: Bira (the solid brown) and Betty (with the white top).

Inside the seed house the onions are taking over…there’s not too much room for everything else, and soon it will be time to up-pot the tomatoes.  Edge just finished our hardening off space, a small hoop house of sorts for the onions to move out to in a few days.  We’ve also got plenty of brassicas started: kale, chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, and pac choy have germinated.  I love the beginnings of brassicas–their little cotyledons always seem so happy!

This weekend brings more seeding and shuffling of trays.  For now, enjoy the pictures of cute little lambs and the first green of spring in the seed house!

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