Winter CSA Week 7

Happy December

CSA Pick-Up Dec 1

the first of December was covered with snow... So goes one of my favorite James Taylor songs.  We came home from New Jersey Saturday night and woke this morning to a full pond covered by a layer of ice,the fields white with tufts of tall grass poking through, and enough snow to take our first ski of the season.  It feels good to be home; the simple coziness of the yurt is always accentuated when we’ve been away for a bit.

As the days turn darker and snowier, we are turning from the fields to our notes from the season and are beginning our plans for next year.   Seed catalogs have begun to arrive, and though we look forward to a few months rest, the colorful photos of new seed varieties bring excitement for the next season.  As we plan ahead, we invite  you to join us by signing up for the Summer 2015 Share today.

Your CSA membership is what sustains our farm–being a farm member means more than receiving fresh local vegetables each week.  It means more than becoming part of a community that values healthy food and a direct connection to the land.  As a member you become part of the roots themselves, an integral part of the farm system that keeps us going through the year.

When you sign up for the Summer 2015 Share by December 31, you’ll get a discounted rate of $400 for four months of fresh vegetables June through September.  After Dec. 31 the price will increase to $425.  Most of our largest farm expenses come in January and February, while the majority of our CSA sign ups come in mid-March through May.  Your early subscription is an integral part in creating another successful year at Good Heart.

We recognize that not everyone is able to pre-pay the share by the end of December.  You can still secure your share for next summer with a deposit of $50 or more.

Thank you for being part of our farm and part of a community of people who are making a positive impact with each bite of local food.

This week on the menu: root medley, shallots, winter squash, cabbage, pesto

pasture-raised chicken, lamb sausage(hot italian and sweet italian) also available.  Please pre-order yours by 2:30 on Monday afternoon.

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