Fall Harvest Share Week 3

CSA Pick-up October 19 & 20


The freeze last night had me bringing in an armful of wood to the stove, to which Edge said, “Good haul.  It’s not that cold.”

“25 isn’t that cold in March, but it’s cold in October,” I said, and loaded up the firebox.  After two long days of harvesting storage crops (all of which are now tucked in the walk-in cooler, along with 40 gallons of assorted sauerkraut) and covering the remaining crops in the field, we were both very ready to sink into coziness.

The farm-store building is getting closer to coziness, too, now with an insulated roof and with the walls in the process of being insulated.  Those who pick-up on the farm have seen the progress, and we thank you for the excitement and encouragement you share when you come to pick-up.  By the time February rolls around and we have our annual Farmstead 5K snowshoe fundraiser for the VT Farm Share Program, we’ll have a cozy space to warm up in after the race–a first for us!  (It seems I’m quite enamored with the word “cozy” this morning–with a cup of tea and a warm yurt, I’m going to keep on going with it).

We hope the weekend treated you all well.  We look forward to seeing you this Monday and Tuesday for the CSA pick-up.

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

This Week’s Harvest:
Braising Mix
Cabbage or Cauliflower
Summer Squash Spread–the first of our value-added treats for you!  This is a hummus-like spread made of sunbeam summer squash, garlic, olive oil, butter, thyme, and sea salt & pepper.  It’s great both as a dip or as a creamy pasta sauce.
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