Potatoes, Tomatoes, Hooray!


We harvested the first new potatoes this week, the red, tender-skinned tubers releasing from the soil just as tomatoes burst into full-on ripening.

We’ve been waiting for this—for the August bounty to roll in again.  The spring and early summer provided, of course, but this time of year marks the beginning of what so many think of as “harvest time.”

No matter that harvesting happens much of the year now, August through September bring on the height of ripeness (and a perfect illustration of this happened just now, when Edge, not knowing what I’m typing, presented me a quart of blueberries, freshly picked from our handful of plants).

Enough of waxing on about vegetables, I’ll get outside now to harvest more.  Before I go, though, a few quick things:

We’re hosting a wedding for two dear friends this weekend, so the farm stand will be closed Saturday.  We’ll be heading to a pre-wedding celebration tonight, so CSA pick-up will be self-serve after 5:30 pm.

You’ll see wedding preparations underway tonight at the CSA pick-up, including some large tents.  Just walk right through them to get your veggies!

Pick-your-own flowers are open and ready for picking!

Here’s this week’s harvest:

  • Cilantro or Sage
  • Mesclun
  • Tomatoes
  • New Potatoes
  • Shallots
  • Cucumbers
  • Zucchini

See recipes below

We’ll see you all soon!

In Good Heart,
Kate & Edge


Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream and Dill Dressing

Roasted New Potato Salad with Sage 
this recipe makes 10 servings and calls for more potatoes and sage than will come with the share, so you’ll need to adjust the ingredient amounts.

On Cooking with Shallots from Mother Earth News

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