three ways organic farming & eating local supports the earth

man holding a rutabaga shaped like a heart to his chest
rutabaga heart

It’s Earth Week!  What’s the best way to celebrate?  Eating local organic food.

Here are three ways organic farming and eating local supports the environment:

  1. Organic Farming Builds Healthy Soils

Soil is the foundation of nutritious and delicious food, but more than that, soil can capture carbon from the atmosphere, and increase resilience in times of flood and drought.

  1. Organic Farming Increases Biodiversity

At Good Heart, we work with nature by interplanting a diverse range of crops and flowers, creating homes for pollinators and beneficial insects, and increasing biodiversity.  That means no toxic chemicals, ever.  If it’s healthy for the earth, it’s healthy for humans!

  1. Organic Farming Grows Stronger Communities

When you support local organic farmers, you help create a stronger and more vibrant local economy, and invest in food security.  That means more money circulates in the community and food access may remain steady, even in times of global upheaval. 

You can eat local & organic with a Good Heart CSA Share

Join us for the most bountiful season, filled with fresh greens, snap peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and so much more (did you know we grow over 35 different crops?!).  

Learn more about the Summer CSA and Farm Store Membership.

Celebrate Earth Week by signing up for a CSA!

The earth, and your taste buds, will thank you 🙂

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