A New Life at Good Heart

Welcome Acorn, our first little lamb, to the world!

Deva and Acorn, just after birth, photo by Rob Spring

She was born yesterday afternoon to Deva, a first time mama.  Edge and my Dad were both in the barnyard ready to help, but Deva did it all on her own, and Acorn slid out, two legs pointing forward next to her little nose.  Edge called me at work and I went around the office sharing the news as if it were my baby that had just been born.

New life comes when it is needed most, and Acorn’s arrival has brought a sense of giddiness to the farm,  a much needed excitement two weeks after the fire.  Spring is coming, ready to renew.

Now Deva and Acorn are snuggled in the barn, and Acorn is already an avid nurser.  Deva is doing well and is tending to her lamb with natural mama instincts.

More pictures will come, but now back to our seeding plan!  After last weekend’s work party and help from my Dad throughout the week, the seed house is ready to go and we’re ready to start some seeds today.


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