Recover and Rebuild: Fundraising Update

Thanks to over 120 people, we have just passed the 50% mark on our fundraising goal in only five days!  THANK YOU

The ability to build and strengthen community is one of the things we love most about farming, and we are humbled and grateful for our farm to be strengthened so much by the community as well.  By the summer, we hope to have at least the beginnings of a new structure, and later on in the season after our baby is born, we hope you will all come up for an open-house and celebration in thanks to all your support.

We’ve had a great momentum of support this week, and we hope to keep it going so we can meet our goal of $20,000.  Please keep spreading the word and sharing our site with family and friends, and anyone who may want to help.  If you would rather send a check than donate online, you can make it out to Good Heart Farmstead.  Our address is 60 Dugar Ext, Worcester, VT 05682.

To donate online, please follow this link: Good Heart Farmstead Recover and Rebuild

Thank you! ~Katie and Edge

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