Welcome Spring: lambs, seeds, and re-buidling


Spring Morning

Spring is here!  Well, I suppose it could still slip back into winter, but after yesterday’s sunshine, warm air and running sap, I’m hopeful spring is really moving in.  Acorn the lamb is plumping up on milk, and she and Deva are out of the jug and back out with the other sheep.  Our seedhouse is running, and now that seeding and lambing season is upon us, Edge is transitioning from the woods to the field, spending more time at the farm as spring gets underway.

Nobee and Pebble in the Seed House
Nobee and Pebble in the Seed House

With the sun and longer days, it feels like so much more is possible.  It is appropriate that this is the time of rebirth, as we move into our re-building stage.  Thanks to 234 people, we raised $22,925 in 15 days, and now our minds are switching into action mode as we draw up plans and figure out logistics for a new building.  We are also thankful for receiving a Vermont Farm Fund loan from the Center for an Agricultural Economy in Hardwick.  The Farm Fund was created by Pete Johnson of Pete’s Greens after his barn burned down a few years ago.  He had such an outpouring of support that he decided to create a way for other farmers to get the help they need in emergencies, and partnered with the CAE to create a 0% 2 year revolving loan fund.

On top of building plans and logistics, we are also moving forward with the work we had planned for: seeding, lambing, ordering poultry and piglets, and getting ready for our CSA.  We still have shares available and are planning our first pick-up for the beginning of June.  Give us a call for more information!

As we begin this day and this season, Edge and I want to thank you.  Thank you for your donations, for showing up to lend a hand, and for simply sending us positive thoughts.  It seems like it’s been many more than 15 days since the fire, and that is in large part because of all the support we’ve received from the community near and far.  We hope to see you this spring and summer as the growing season gets going, and we’ll keep you posted on a farm open-house/celebration after the new building is up.

Wishing you a happy spring~

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