Welcome, Piglets!

I drove to Coventry to pick up five piglets this morning from a friend of mine who is transforming her homestead into a CSA farm.  They have been raising pigs for three years, crossing heritage breeds and selling piglets in the spring.  Our new additions are tamworth-old spot-red wattle crosses.  Though they squealed for the first few minutes of the drive home, they quickly settled down into a pig-pile in the crate I brought them home in.

ready to go

ready to go

It took them a little while to adjust to their new space in our barn, but within five or ten minutes they were already rooting around in the hay and checking out their new home.

piglets in their new home

piglets in their new home

rooting around in their new home

rooting around in their new home

Soon we will train them to electric fence and then begin moving them on pasture, where they will root around and have fun doing the work of pigs–which is exactly what we want them to do.  We’ll move them quickly through areas where grass already flourishes, and then let them work areas of the pasture that need to be fertilized and re-seeded.  We are excited for their help bringing this pasture back to its full grazing potential!

For now, though, they are cuddled up in the barn for the night, and I believe it’s time for me to say goodnight as well~




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