Dilly Beans

Tonight was the last pick-up of our winter CSA, and after conversations and many smiles, we are home now, Waylon asleep still snuggled in the carseat, a jar of dilly beans popped open, and a fire warming the yurt.  This is it, the end of our first season as a farm, and we have so much gratitude for it all: for our members, for the land, for the sunshine and hard weather that narrated our growing season, and for the soil that our roots are growing in steadily and firmly.

Now we head into the heart of winter, ready for a deep breath and stillness.  Soon we will organize next year’s seeding chart, order seeds, create brochures and flyers, evaluate our enterprises and prepare projections for the coming season.  But now, we eat dilly beans, crisp and tangy, grateful for our first season, grateful for the possibilities of the season yet to come, grateful for this winter night that wraps around us.

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