Sheep Wake-Up Call

Sheep Wake-Up Call

View from the front door

After a night punctuated by Waylon’s crying–he’s teething and the worst of it seems to be when he wakes up at night–we slept in a bit, lying in bed even as the light began to sift through the cupola windows.  The dogs barked a few times, and they reluctantly laid back down when we told them to stop.  When I finally got out of bed around 7:30, I looked out the door and said to Edge, “The sheep are up here!”

They stood looking back at me, then discovered a box of apples that had never been fed out.  I put on my boots and a vest and walked out into the mild morning, the gray sky a soft welcoming to the day.

One thought on “Sheep Wake-Up Call

  1. claudia marieb says:

    Hi Dear Katie and Waylon and Edge, Love this post. It feels like after all the business FINALLY it’s winter and we can stay in. I slept until 7:30 today, too, which felt luxurious (but I wasn’t up with a teething baby all night). Mainly I’m writing to let you know about Christmas dinner. I had some friends over to “my” new place in Wilder outside of WRJ, and we had leg of lamb from you. This recipe and your lamb. It was delicious and the air was filled with gratefulness for 2 dear young farmers, the land, this life. And the lamb! Love you, claudia

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