CSA Newsletter~week 2

It’s been a busy week at Good Heart, as most weeks are this time of year, between prepping beds, seeding, transplanting, and of course watering in all this wonderful hot sunshine.

The next big project on the list is to finish constructing three moveable hoop houses.  With the help of students who come volunteer from the Barre Tech Center, Edge has gotten all the hoops bent and the pieces ready for construction.  The hoop houses will go over our tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers through the summer, and then move over winter greens, carrots, and beets in fall so we can extend the growing season and overwinter some crops inside.

We’ve been eating lots of salad as the greens continue to come up.  It seems to be the only thing I really want this time of year–aside from a good burger on the grill, but even then, salad is a must at any barbecue!  There are carrots, beets, and peas all growing in the garden right now, but they’re still a few weeks away from harvest.  You can see what we put in our simple spring/early summer salads in the recipe to the right.

We hope you all had a great weekend!  We’ll see you this week!

This week on the menu: lettuce heads, spinach, kale/chard, turnips/radishes, bok choi/nappa cabbage

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2 thoughts on “CSA Newsletter~week 2

  1. Hasso Ewing says:

    I too am going to be putting in a movable hoophouse. Can I come over and see yours sometime next week? Are you doing the Colman pick up and move type or the Johnny’s on a track type?


    • kspring says:

      Hi Hasso! We are doing the movable Coleman style, slightly altered though so it will be on wheels on a track. You can give us a call and come over to check them out. We’re still in the process of construction, so if you want to lend a hand, we won’t turn you away 🙂

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