CSA Newsletter: Week 20

Last Share of the Summer Season

CSA Pick-Up Oct 13-17

Funny to say “summer” season when it’s been definitively fall since mid-September.  We woke to frosted, crunchy grass in the field this morning, though the garden is safely tucked in under remay.  Despite the cold weather, we have so much food still growing out there, and we’re looking forward to the Winter share beginning next Monday.  We are so excited to continue growing food for all of you who have signed-up for the Winter share already!  And if you haven’t, there’s still time (and some Farm Share Program subsidized shares left, too)!  Don’t forget that when you refer a friend to the CSA, you’ll get a $10 gift card to the farm, which can be used on eggs, meat, or veggies.

At our last pick-ups this week, we’ll have some treats and a quick survey for you all!  As we come to the end of our second growing season at Good Heart, we are assessing the share and beginning our plans for next year, and we want your input.  One of the benefits of being a member is your ability to shape the CSA–we want to hear what you loved and what you didn’t.  We’ll plan next season’s crops with your comments in hand.  We are so grateful to be growing food for you all, and it’s our goal to get better each year.  So please plan for an extra few minutes to give us your feedback and eat some treats when you come pick up your veggies this week.

As the weather cools, we turn from garden projects to building projects; we are getting set up to bring electricity to our farm store (those of you who pick up here on Thursdays have seen the trench).  We are also finishing up some hoop-houses for winter greens, and getting the greenhouse tucked in and making it tighter for next spring’s seedlings.  Amidst all this, we are finding time for family hiking and climbing adventures–another reason we love when the cooler weather sets in.  We hope you are enjoying the fall, too!

This week on the menu: Onions, Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes, Carrots, Radish/Turnip, Napa Cabbage, Winter Sqaush

Butter-fried Brussels Sprouts

This is our stand-by Brussels recipe, quick and simple!

1/2 lb Brussels sprouts
2 cloves garlic
large pat of butter
sea salt

Cut the Brussels in half and mince the garlic.  Melt butter over medium heat, add a few dashes of salt, and cook garlic for a minute or two before laying in the Brussels, cut-side down.  Turn up the heat to medium-high and cook for two minutes, then turn off the heat, cover, and let stand for another one minute.  Eat hot! 

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