CSA Shares

what’s a cSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) aka Farm Share is the best way to get fresh organic veggies from your local farm. As a CSA Member, you get a weekly share of the harvest all season long.

Here’s how it works:

1. You sign up for a Season’s Worth Of veggies

organic vegetables on picnic table

2. We grow an abundant variety of produce for you

Edge holding bunches of carrots

3. You pick up a share of fresh veggies each week for the entire season

Similar to a subscription program, CSAs are paid for in advance and enjoyed throughout the season. Like Netflix, but tastier.

Here’s why it’s awesome:

1. you get the freshest harvest and first dibs on all the best veggies.

It’s like having your own personal farmer who grows with you in mind. No more waiting in line at the farmers market or settling for tired lettuce flown in from California.

2. You get more than food.

Good Heart Members receive weekly recipes to help you plan your meals, and all Summer Share Members get free pick-your-own flowers.

3. You support your local farm and local economy,

which in turn supports the environment as we farm organically and tend to the land with holistic and regenerative practices.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.

Three Seasons of CSA To Choose From:

Winter Greens Share – SOLD OUT

Bears hibernate, but local food doesn’t.  Eat local all winter long with the Good Heart Winter CSA.  Each week you’ll get a fresh share of greens including mesclun, chard, kale, herbs, scallions, and microgreens.

farmer harvesting in a winter greenhouse
organic CSA share with seasonal summer vegetables

Summer Share ~ Signups open now!

Snap peas. Green Beans. Cherry Tomatoes. Carrots & Cucumbers. Your kids will be asking for seconds. Don’t have kids? You don’t have to share.

You’ll get a vibrant and diverse harvest of local goodness from June – September with the Summer Farm Share.

Fall Harvest Share

The Fall Harvest Share features hearty greens, mesclun, a variety of roots, winter squash and farmstead seasonal preserves. You’ll get fresh, local organic produce from the fall equinox through winter solstice.

Organic CSA share with seasonal fall vegetables
wooden vegetable display with zucchini, tomatoes, kale at Good Heart Farm Store

Farm Store Membership

Do you already garden?  Do you travel often?  This option is designed for those who are looking for fresh veggies, but who don’t have a need for a full share.

homegrown taste without having to grow it yourself? You Got it.

Sign up for a Farm Share & Become a Good Heart CSA Member Today.

With a Good Heart Farm Share you’ll get:

  • Seasonal, fresh, certified organic veggies, herbs, fruit and flowers to feed your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Direct connection to where your food comes from.
  • The comfort of knowing your share supports the local economy and environment.
  • The inspiration of knowing your share supports food access for low-income Vermonters.

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