Fuel Your Passion

Become a Good Heart member this season

What is your passion?  What brings you more alive?

At Good Heart, Edge and I believe that when we follow our passions and create a life that brings us joy, our actions become an invitation for others to do the same.  We also believe that everyone’s passions and goals are unique and important, and that a diversity of passions are key to a vibrant and supportive community.

Our passion is growing food, and connecting people to the land through food.  We have CSA members that are passionate chefs, massage therapists, teachers, parents, health care workers, artists, writers, and more.  You all support us with membership in the CSA, and it is our hope that we support you by offering the freshest, nutrient dense, local food to support your body, mind, and spirit as you work to achieve your goals.

We believe that the food you eat informs your life; it propels you, sustains you, and is the first choice you make in creating and fulfilling your passion.

We welcome you to join us in creating a more lively, joyful world, one seed and one passionate person at a time.

In good heart,
Katie and Edge

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