CSA Newsletter Week 8

Pre-order Pasture Raised Chicken

CSA Pick-up July 20 & 23

Despite July’s thunderstorms, it seems we have hit a string of sunny Mondays, which is a welcome change from June!  The recent heat has helped the onions pick up growing speed, and the second succession of summer squash is already blooming as the first succession is in high production.  The tomato plants in the hoop house are heavy with fruit–it’s just a waiting game now as they ripen.

The chicks look bigger already, though it will still be another week or two before they’re big enough to go out on pasture.   At the end of last season, we swore off raising livestock–the time and energy and cash flow diverted away from the crops didn’t even out for us.  When it came time to order chicks again, though, we looked at their positive impact on the pasture, the nitrogen they add to the soil, and the delicious meat in the freezer all winter long.  Though we don’t make money on the birds (we pay ourselves in chicken!), we do break even, so we decided that the birds do indeed earn their keep around here, and we’re looking forward to fresh chicken in mid-September.

We are now taking deposits for chicken, which will be ready the third or fourth week of September.  For CSA Members, it will be $5.50/lb for 1-9 birds, or $5.00/lb for 10+ birds.  Non-CSA member price is $5.95.  The average weight is 4 lbs.  Your early deposit guarantees you fresh chicken(s) come fall, and it also helps us with feed costs through the summer.  Deposits can be made in $25, $50, $100+ increments.

In the mean time, we have frozen chicken for sale right now!  Look for it this week at the CSA pick-up.

We look forward to seeing you all this week!  Happy Sunday.

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

This week’s harvest:
Zucchini/Summer Squash
Flowering Mizuna
Peas (possibly the last week for these spring snaps!)

Recipe: Zucchini Fritters with Feta and Dill

One thought on “CSA Newsletter Week 8

  1. Hasso Ewing says:

    Edge and Katie

    I would like to come over and pick up 10 of your frozen chickens and to order 10 more for the fall. Should I come over the 23rd?



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