CSA Pick-up November 16 & 17

This week’s rain had us feeling the cold in our bones, but the outside work is worth it.  We’ve got our third hoop house up and skinned with plastic, and the skeleton of our greenhouse is going up, too.  With a few more full days of work, we should have the greenhouse done and ready for springtime seedlings (oh, spring!  it sounds lovely, though we are looking forward to some rest this winter before the cycle begins again).

It’s worth it, too, because this time of year gives us plenty of hearty meals to choose from, and we’ve been craving the warmth of roots.  Curious about what we’re eating?  You can read more about our food ventures on Katie’s new blog,Cooking in Good Heart.  If you have any food or farming-related questions, let us know, you may see it answered on the blog!

The best part of being a farmer is the food–and not just our own.  For two years, we’ve been on the board of Rural Vermont, a non-profit that amplifies the voice of farmers and advocates for a fair food system.

The amazing network of farmers we get to work with through our membership in Rural Vermont means our diets extend beyond our own vegetable fields to include wholesome raw milk, local cheeses, and pasture-raised meats.

Celebrating it’s 30th year, Rural Vermont is raffling off a chance for you to “eat like a farmer.”  Make a gift of $5 or more by November 22 and be entered to win a basket of farm-grown/raised/prepared food from Rural Vermont board members (including veggies from Good Heart!), a $300+ value!  By entering the raffle you are supporting a true grassroots organization, literally rooted in the pastures and soils of Vermont farmers.  Not to mention, you could win a seriously delicious prize.

And on the subject of deliciousness, don’t forget to order your Thanksgiving Bounty Share!  This is a one-time share the week of Thanksgiving, and includes potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and pumpkin puree.  $25 per share, and $5 of each sale goes to the Worcester Food Bank!  It’s a great way to share the bounty.

We hope you all have a restful and delicious weekend.

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

Enter the Eat Like a Farmer Raffle at ruralvermont.com.  

This Week’s Harvest:
Shallots or Red Onions
Carrots or Beets
Sauerkraut: choice of beet kraut or curry kraut

**BONUS OPTION for Tuesday pick-up @ the Worcester Town Hall:
Our friends from Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms will be joining us at the Town Hall this Tuesday to sell fresh and roasted shiitake mushrooms.  Brian and Karen cultivate high-quality mushrooms right here in Worcester in a state-of-the-art facility, and we can tell you from experience that their mushrooms are delicious (there seems to be a delicious theme in this newsletter).  Do be sure to try some!

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