To Love Food that is Real and Distinctive

celebrate the coming season with us

The greenhouse is steadily filling with more trays of green, from spinach and lettuce to onions, pea shoots, micro-greens, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.  This week I rounded up the flower seeds, and with visions of blooms around the farm, I’m excited to get a beautiful mix of annuals and perennials seeded.  *remember, all CSA members get FREE pick-your-own flowers July-September.

Along with seeding for the field, this year we’re also seeding extra for a *plant sale* and you’ll be able to get some starts for your vegetable and flower gardens, too! More to come on that front in the next month.

After the increasingly full days, I wind down with a good book, which right now is American Terroir, by Rowan Jacobsen (a local Calais author).  In it, I came across this passage that speaks to our work here at Good Heart:

“Food has always helped to define our lives and anchor us to a particular time and place on this planet.  To love food that is real and distinctive—that could not come from anywhere other than where it does—is to love the myriad and dazzling ways that life has adapted to the many landscapes of Earth.  It is to rebel against the flat meaninglessness of sprawl.”

He goes on to say:

“At the core, our interest in terroir is an enduring desire to partner with a landscape, survive on it, and live well.”

That is exactly it.  To partner with a landscape.  To live well.  Terroir goes beyond the farmers, though.  Terroir is also how we interact with food, how we prepare it, how we savor it.  It is at its heart a celebration of the intersection between people, food, and place.

And that’s what we’re after: to celebrate this land, to celebrate this community, to come together over food, which is the thread that holds us to the soil.

Will you celebrate the coming season with us?  When you become a CSA member, you step into the celebration, discover the particular taste of this land, and partner with the local landscape to live well.  Sign up to reserve your share today.  *We now accept Paypal for both full Veggie & Herb Shares as well as Farm Store Credit

We wish you a happy last week of March, and we look forward to harvesting food for you this coming season!

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

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