Fall Harvest Share: Early Sign-ups

CSA Pick-up 8/8 and 8/11

Sorry for the delay in the newsletter today–the computer didn’t want to turn on this morning, and is subsequently at the repair shop in town. Luckily, I had a book on hold at the library and this is just the place to find a computer to write to you all on!  There was a time I gave up reading in the summer, thinking it too busy a time for books, but a few years ago I realized there is always time for books.  So I chip away at chapters each night, a lovely wind-down from long days working. (And if you ever have a book you just have to share, I’d love to know!  Having too many books to read is a problem I thoroughly enjoy).

Now back to the farm!
We know it’s still August, but Fall Harvest CSA sign-ups are beginning!  This is our favorite share, with the days cooling and the heavy harvests of roots coming in even as the greens continue to thrive.  The Fall share will begin on October 10th, with Montpelier pick-ups on Monday at the Skinny Pancake, and Worcester Pick-ups on Tuesdays (at the farm through November, and then at the Town Hall).  The share cost is $320, BUT if you sign up by 8/31, you’ll get a discounted price of $295.  We will have more information on the fall share for you next week at the pick-up.

Here’s the harvest for this week:
Parsley or Basil
And on the potential list: lettuce, beans, or potatoes.

In the Farm Stand:
Cucumbers (so many!)

You can now register for the Bread Oven Building Workshop on our website.  Are you interested in a hands-on workshop to learn and work beside a professional mason?  This three-day workshop will give you the information and skills to build your own oven, using local resources.  A local farm-made lunch is included each day!  Register on our website today!

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

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