Make it Easy

Payment Plans: the easy way to renew your membership

Payment Plans: I know, it’s not the most exciting headline, right?  Right. Sorry about that.  But hey, we’re farmers, and we’re not too flashy.  We are thrifty, though.

We know the value of food and the importance of cash-flow.  That’s why we offer payment plans: to help make it easy for you to renew your CSA membership.

Here’s how the plans work:

  • You send in a deposit with your sign-up, which automatically reserves your share.
  • When the first pick-up rolls around, you get your food and pay the second installment.
  • You eat fresh, delicious food for a month, and pay the last installment on July 1st.

Flowers will be blooming and tomatoes will be ripening by the time you make your last payment (and all members get free you-pick flowers!)

We all know that when we eat well, we are well.  

So go ahead, invest in your well-being.  We are so looking forward to growing for you.

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge


Waylon checks out the winter greens, and approves!  You can get some fresh Good Heart greens now at Skinny Pancake in Montpelier.

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