10 More Days to get Your CSA!

There’s 10 more days to sign up for your Good Heart CSA share. 

The deadline to sign up for a Full-Season or Veggie & Herb Share is May 1st.

Why the deadline this year?  Practically speaking, this gives us the ability to plan more effectively, and enables us to better serve you.

The CSA model is rooted in the premise of customers signing up in the winter and spring, supporting farmers early in the year in exchange for fresh vegetables all summer long.

Originally, we loved the CSA for the way it can financially support the farm during typically lean months.

But as we’ve grown over the last 5 years, we’ve found that the greatest support that CSA creates is in the relationships: those between farmer, eater, land and food.

For us, the true value in CSA is far greater than the cost of a share.

We aspire to offer this land as a weekly resting place, where you come to get vegetables but also get relaxation as you pick flowers and take in the view; as you catch up with other members who’ve become friends; as you load up on bumper crops of zucchini and cucumbers; as you eat slices of wood-fired pizza on a warm summer night.

We aspire to show up for you every day of the year: in the winter months, as we plan the fields, buy the seeds and soil and supplies; in the spring as we spread compost, make beds, and plant; in the summer as we harvest and wash and welcome you to the farm; in the autumn as we keep the harvest going until we finally put the beds to rest and winter comes back around.

We may not see you everyday, but we tend to the farm daily to make sure we’re ready when you arrive.  And we love to do it.  We love to work the soil, grow the food, beautify this space and welcome you to it.

Now, if you’re ready and excited to become a Good Heart CSA Member, we invite you to show up by signing up.

Here’s what you’ll get as a Good Heart CSA Member:

  • Weekly shares of fresh, certified organic produce
  • Weekly recipes to go along with your share
  • Free pick-your-own flowers
  • 10% discount on extra produce
  • A beautiful view and nourishing space to relax in each week when you come to the farm

We’re here.  You can be, too!

Sign up for your CSA share by May 1st.  

We so look forward to growing for you this season.

In Good Heart,
Kate and Edge

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