Good Heart T-Shirt Fundraiser: Get Your Shirt Today

You know how good you feel when you eat fresh, organic produce?

You know how good you feel when you set the table and see your family eating well together?

And you know how good you feel when you donate to a cause you believe in and make a difference in the world?

When you buy a Good Heart shirt, you’ll get a shirt, yes, but more than that — you’ll make a difference.

You’ll help a family feed their children well, eat fresh, and fill their bodies with nutritious, nourishing produce.

At Good Heart Farmstead, our mission is to grow healthy, whole foods and to make them available to people of all income levels, increasing the accessibility of local food to low-income Vermonters.

We partner with the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program to help low-income Vermonters get access to affordable, fresh local produce, and we invite you to join us by clicking here to support our good heart t-shirt fundraiser.

Every t-shirt sold will benefit the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program to help make local food more accessible to low-income Vermonters.

Every shirt matters — even if you buy just one shirt, you’re making a difference.

Thank you for helping increase food accessibility. 

Thank you for your good heart.

Get your Good Heart shirt today. Click here to support our fundraiser and help low-income families eat fresh, local produce all season long.

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