This Is What Farming’s All About

magenta cosmos blooming in front of a hoop house

Farming is all about connections: from soil and mycelium to roots and leaves to water and air.  

Summer is a time when those connections grow — and today we’re shining a light on connections that CSA members helped make.

In March, we learned about CVRAN, Central Vermont Refugee Action Network, when a CSA family participated in their March Arts Marathon fundraiser.

Inspired by their work of supporting refugees and asylum seekers and creating a welcoming community for New Vermonters, we reached out to CVRAN to see if we could support them.

At Good Heart, we believe everyone deserves to eat well, and our mission is to make local food accessible to everyone. Through The Good Heart Fund, we put 10% of all full-priced CSA shares towards subsidized shares for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. 

Through The Good Heart Fund, we were able to offer two fully subsidized CSA shares for an asylum seeker family and two individuals. 

The folks at CVRAN distribute the shares, connecting New Vermonters with local food. 

Sometimes I wonder how big of a difference our small farm can make — but then I remember the size of seeds, and how so much grows from each one. We’re not out to feed the world, but we can feed our neighbors. 

You can learn more about CVRAN on their website.

To everyone growing literal and metaphorical seeds — thanks for all you do to grow a nourishing world.  Happy Summer ☀️

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