Good Heart Farmstead is Real Organic Certified

At the end of 2021, Good Heart Farmstead became Real Organic Certified.

Over the past handful of years, national organic standards have been watered down to make it easier for “Big Ag” corporations to be labeled organic.  

The result: 

Hydroponic farms where the land is covered in plastic and plants are grown without soil; and

CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) where animals don’t have access to pasture are now able to be certified organic.

We still believe that organic certification is an important aspect of the overall organic movement — but we also believe that you and everyone who eats should be able to trust the integrity of what the organic label stands for.  And that’s where Real Organic Certification comes in.

Real Organic is an add-on certification available only to USDA Certified Organic Farms, and it ensures that your food is grown and raised in a sustainable, ethical, and humane way.

As a Real Organic farm, we know that human, plant, and planetary health is rooted in the soil. 

We’ll continue to use growing practices that promote soil health and grow the tastiest vegetables. And we’ll continue sharing our farm with you, with the belief that being able to see and understand how your food is grown leads to a deeper connection to food, land, and community.

You can read more about our growing practices here.
And learn more about the Real Organic Project here.

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