Farmstead 5K Success!

The Second Annual Farmstead 5K was on Saturday.  Around 30 people came to snowshoe and ski the trail and helped raise just over $400 for the Good Heart Fund, all of which will go to subsidizing CSA shares for those in need.  We enjoyed the sunny day, eating homemade soups, quiche and bread outside by a fire, meeting new folks and having great conversations.

Thank you to all who came out and helped raise money to feed more of our community!

Special thanks to those who contributed to the lunch: our neighbor Chani, who makes the best quiches we’ve ever tasted; my parents, for a hearty and delicious black bean soup; and The Post Office Cafe in Worcester!  Betsy and Leslie donated fresh baked bread and dark roast coffee.

Now we turn back to the work of planning the garden for the upcoming season: seeding plans, garden maps, seed orders and more!  We are excited for the 2014 season to begin.  It’s time to sign up for your CSA share!  Check out our three different share options today: The 20 week Veggie and Herb share, the 10 week Salad Share, and the Farm Store Membership.  Sign up online, call us at 223-1166, or email





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