Winter has been strong this year, delivering the arctic air and snow that we yearn for in the dark months.  But the recent thaw has brought on thoughts of spring, of starting seeds and setting out transplants, and I allow myself small daydreams of flowers and soil working its way into the creases of my hands.  Lately, I’ve been pouring over flower seed, reading up on different types and varieties, and I am getting very excited to grow more flowers this year!

Along with our Vegetable and Herb CSA share, we will also have a Flower Share this year!  It will run for 1o weeks, from July to the beginning of September, and you’ll get a farm fresh bouquet to brighten your home each week.  IMG_2630

CSA Sign-Ups are happening now!  Visit our CSA page to learn more about our different shares.

Before we start up the seed house, we’re taking a week vacation in Cape May, NJ and visiting Edge’s family.  We’ll come back rested and ready to jump into seed starting.  In the mean time, dreams of flowers will continue…

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