Grow your inspiration with good food from Good Heart

Onion Seedlings

Onion Seedlings

We’re declaring it: Spring is here!  It has to be, after all, the greenhouse is packed with onion, leek and shallot seedlings, plus celery, celeriac, and herbs.  Inside the yurt under grow lights, tomatoes and peppers have popped up and are getting bigger each day.  And though the outside temperature is still fluctuating between freezing and thawing, when we look at all these seedlings, we know that the snow will melt soon enough, and we’ll be working the soil in the garden.

Spring always makes me feel inspired.  As the snow melts and flocks of songbirds return, a sense of waking up pulls me out of my winter dreams and into action.  Farming is of course one of my passions, but it’s not the only one.  Still, food is at the base of everything for me–good food truly sustains me, and when I eat well, I am well, and my capacity to feel inspired and act on those inspirations seems to grow.

What does spring inspire in you?  What do you need to grow your inspiration?

At Good Heart, part of our goal is to offer you a place to connect to the land and get inspired.  That’s one reason we decided to offer free pick-your-own flowers for all CSA members this summer.  It’s also why we decided to be a CSA farm rather than a wholesale or market farm.  We want to offer you a place to come each week and re-fuel with good food, and to grow a community rooted in shared inspiration for following what brings us alive.   

We invite you to become a Good Heart CSA member this season.  You can sign up on our CSA page.

To all who have already signed up, we are so excited to grow food for you this season!

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings

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