CSA Newsletter Week 11

Fall Harvest CSA (yes, fall!)

CSA Pick-up August 10 & 13

Rain!  We are so grateful for a rainy day to quench the roots and soil and to catch up on some indoor seeding and office work.  (In my first years working on farms, office work never entered my daydreams of being a farm owner…though I’d usually rather be outside, a rainy day inside with a cup of tea is alright, too).

We’re already 11 weeks into the CSA, and with September approaching we are looking ahead to our Fall Harvest CSA Share.  This is our favorite share, with the big harvests of storage veggies, fresh fall greens still in abundance, and value-added goodies like pumpkin puree, sauerkraut, and our magic soup starter.  The Fall Harvest Share will begin the first week of October and run through December 22, and is a value of $320.  As we round out August, we want to offer a special discount for the Fall Harvest CSA: $280 if you sign up and pay in full by August 31.

As CSA members, you all play a huge part in keeping the farm running smoothly throughout the whole season.  Your early sign-up for the Fall Harvest Share goes right back into the farm, paying for late-season seed purchases, day-to-day maintenance and overhead expenses, compost deliveries (we buy 60 yards of compost a year!  yikes!  It keeps the soil happy and the veggies healthy, and is arguably our most important farm investment), and more.  As we work to build a sustainable farm to feed our community, your CSA membership plays a vital role in helping us grow.  Thank you!

For the Fall Harvest Share, Montpelier pick-ups will be on Mondays from 4:30-6:30 at the Skinny Pancake, and Worcester pick-ups will be on Tuesdays at the farm through October, then at the Worcester Town Hall November-December.  To sign up, please fill out the form on our website, or talk to us at CSA pick-up.

Along with veggies, we have pasture-raised chicken on sale at the pick-up.  $5.50/lb for CSA members.  We are still taking orders for fresh chicken, which will be ready on September 17. We wish you all a healthy and happy week! I

n Good Heart,

Katie and Edge

This week’s harvest: Tomatoes, Beets or Carrots, Bunching Onions, Lettuce, Beans, Squash/Zukes, Herbs-choice of sage, thyme, dill flowers, or basil

AND here’s another fun zucchini recipe: Zucchini Soft Shell Tacos

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