The Harvest Begins

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Share pick-up June 6 & 9

• Montpelier pick-up @ Union Elementary School Monday 4:30-6:30
• Worcester pick-up @ Good Heart, Thursday 4:30-6:30
*Please bring your own bag to pack your share in*

Oh, what a long awaited for day!  We began planning for this season in January, ordering seeds and charting out crop maps and projecting the year’s expenses and income.  By March we were seeding in the greenhouse, and in April put the first transplants outside.  In May we began harvesting mesclun for local restaurants, and now as we get ready for the first full week of June, we’ve finished our first CSA field walk and put together the harvest list for Monday.  Hoorah!

The Good Heart Cookbook is in its final stages, and we hope to have it in your hands in another two weeks.  Until then, we’ll have some recipes for you available at the pick-up.  The harvests will follow the season, starting with greens and herbs and baby beets, with zukes, cukes, squash, tomatoes, carrots, and more adding in as they grow and ripen.  For a look at when crops are generally available throughout the season, check out our harvest calendar.

We will send out a harvest list every Friday.  Occasionally, the Monday and Thursday harvests will slightly vary as crops reach peak ripeness at different times.  We will always make sure each pick-up receives equal diversity and bounty!

This week’s harvest:
• Kale or chard — 1 bunch
• Radishes — 1 bunch
• Baby beets w/greens — 1 bunch
• Choice of Herbs — 2 bunches {or one bunch and one plant: cilantro, marjoram, thyme, or sage}
• Spinach — 1 bunch
• Mesclun mix — 1/2 lb {this year we will be trying something new for folks who pick up at Union Elementary or at the Farm: fill your own mesclun mix!  This gives you more choice as to how much you’d like, within the limit of one bag}.

*There’s still time to become a Good Heart Member!  Sign up on our website to get a share of your own each week!

We look forward to seeing you all next week!  Have a lovely weekend.

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

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