CSA Newsletter: Week 8

Fresh Chicken: 10% off for CSA Members CSA Pick-Up July 20-25 We apologize for the late newsletter this week–we spent yesterday processing and packaging our pasture-raised chicken.  Waking up at 5:30 and finishing at 9:00, it was a long day, but one that will surely result in many delicious meals.  We’ll have fresh chicken for

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Winter has been strong this year, delivering the arctic air and snow that we yearn for in the dark months.  But the recent thaw has brought on thoughts of spring, of starting seeds and setting out transplants, and I allow myself small daydreams of flowers and soil working its way into the creases of my

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Goodbye, Pigs, and Thank You

The pigs left yesterday.  We brought buckets of fallen apples, poured them into feed tubs inside the trailer and lured them in.  Only Ginger hesitated, but Edge had anticipated this and brought a tupperware of left-over cheesecake.  Karen put the cheesecake in front of Ginger’s snout and he followed, pausing at the door until Edge

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Fresh Chicken For Sale

This morning we thanked the chickens for all the beautiful work they’ve done greening up our pasture and said goodbye to them. Our chickens were pasture-raised, fed certified organic grain, and lived a healthy life outside on fresh grass. Chicken is available for purchase directly from the farm.  Call us at 223-1166.  After Tuesday, chickens

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Welcome, Piglets!

I drove to Coventry to pick up five piglets this morning from a friend of mine who is transforming her homestead into a CSA farm.  They have been raising pigs for three years, crossing heritage breeds and selling piglets in the spring.  Our new additions are tamworth-old spot-red wattle crosses.  Though they squealed for the

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