CSA Newsletter Week 17

Fall Harvest is just around the corner

CSA Pick-up September 21 & 24

This weekend has been so full that every that every time I sit down to write jumbles of words come out, none of which sound quite right, and I end up deleting sentences over and over.  Sometimes eloquence doesn’t come easy, and it’s often the fullest moments or days or weeks that are hardest for me to quickly harness down onto the page.  With that said, I’ll tell you that it’s a cool, clear Sunday night–the kind of mid-September night that shakes summer’s sun into the stars, sending it’s heat out into the wide sky as autumn’s coolness softens onto the land.  It’s the kind of night that brings the relief of transitions as we begin to shift into new rhythms.

In just two weeks the Fall Harvest CSA share will begin, and with it we will pull out roots, fill the crockpot with sauerkraut, and warm our home with roasted chicken and vegetable soup.  For all the energy that summer brings, fall gives us the chance to savor, and I am so looking forward to it.  We invite you to savor, too, with a Fall Harvest share.  The share begins on October 5 and runs through December 22, with a Montpelier pick-up on Mondays at the Skinny Pancake, and a Worcester pick-up on Tuesdays (on-farm pick-up through October, transitioning to the Town Hall Nov-Dec).  Sign up on our website or at the pick-up.  Subsidized shares are available through the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program.

Speaking of transitions, tomorrow we’ll have lots of fresh chicken for sale!  Our chickens have spent their lives on pasture, moving twice a day and eating certified organic grain.  They’ll be processed tomorrow by our friends at Maple Wind Farm, who run a Vermont State Inspected poultry processing facility.  Fresh chickens will be available for sale at both the Monday and Thursday CSA pick-up for $5.50/lb.

Thanks to all who came to the Pizza Night on Friday!  Thanks to you, we raised $845 for the NOFA-VT Farm Share Program, $750 of which will be matched by NOFA!  That means we have subsidized shares available!  To receive a subsidized share, please sign up through NOFA’s website.  And do please spread the word to folks who may benefit!

One last note before signing off–Edge, Waylon and I are off to Maine on Wednesday evening to get a family camping trip in before it gets too cold.  Karen (our crew member) will be running Thursday’s CSA pick-up, and she will be able to take payments for Fall Harvest Share sign-ups.

We wish you all a great week!

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

This Week’s Harvest:
Tomatoes (possibly the last of the season!)
Beets or Carrots
Bunched Arugula

Simple Roast Chicken (great with thyme or sage; we also love to cut up onions and roots and place them around the chicken in the pan).
Balsamic Roasted Beet Salad with arugula and goat cheese

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