Happy Earth Day week!


give forward the love of local

This Friday is Earth Day and to celebrate, we’re giving everyone who signs up for a CSA this week a “gift to give.”  This is a give-it-forward gift, a way to spread the love of local food and grow a community that is rooted in the land.  When you become a CSA member this week, we’ll give you a $10 gift certificate for you to give to whomever you’d like.  They can use it towards a CSA or use it at the farm stand this summer.  Together, we can all celebrate Earth Day by giving forward.

In another take of giving forward, yesterday I planted 20 bare root elderberry bushes.  This weekend I’ll pick up three pear trees to add to our small, but growing orchard (currently comprised of 4 apple trees).  Planting perennials always has a grounding effect, infusing an appreciation for patience and the tending of a place for the next generation.  The elderberries are fast; they’ll start producing berries in just a few years, but the fruit trees will take time.

Pears, especially are known for their slow growth, and there is an old English adage that goes “plant pears for your heirs.”  Though it’s not a direct transaction from one hand to another, planting trees gives the promise of fresh fruit, of food security, and of interdependence on this land that feeds us.  I used to think that independence was what we’re going for, but it’s really interdependence—working with the land to realize how we are mutually supported.

And while long-term plantings are an important part of the landscape of Good Heart Farmstead, short-term ones are vital, too.  While I was working on the elderberries yesterday, Edge was in the field seeding the first round of arugula, mizuna and lettuce mix.  Next to come this week are carrots and spinach, and in another week the first big round of transplants will root into the garden: cabbage, kale, pac choi, cucumbers, cilantro.  All of the sudden, we’ve reached “go!”

We invite you to come along with us for another season.  Remember, the CSA price increases to $495 on May 1st, so sign up this month for the best price—better yet, sign up this week and get your gift to give!

Wishing you a bountiful week~

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

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