CSA will begin June 6th

Join us for the Plant Sale this Saturday and Sunday

Mark your calendars, the CSA will begin on June 6th (changed from our original My 30 date).  The greenhouse has been giving all our transplants a great head start, but the record-breaking cold April and cool May did its part to slow the growth of those transplants once they went outside, as well slow the direct-seeded crops.  As a result, a number of outside crops need an extra week to be ready for harvest.

Our goal as farmers is to give you the best harvests, and flexibility is sometimes required in order to do so.  To even everything out, the CSA will begin one week later and extend one week longer, so you will still get 18 weeks of fresh veggies.  We appreciate your understanding, and are so happy to welcome the warmer nights that keep the plants growing!

AND this gives you an extra week to sign up for your share!  You can become a Good Heart Member by signing up on our website, or by printing out this sign-up sheet and popping it in the mail.

Join us this Saturday at Doty School for our plant sale!  We’ll be set up there from 9:00-1:00, and will have plants for sale at the farm on Sunday from 10:00-3:00.  This is also a great time for folks to come up to see the farm!  10% of proceeds will benefit the Doty School Local Foods Fund, so stock up on transplants for your garden knowing that they will also help the school increase the amount local food in school lunches.

And now I’m headed back out to the field!  We hope you all enjoy this warm week!

In Good Heart,
Katie and Edge

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