Lambing Season

Two new lambs were born this evening to Blink!  She is a seasoned Mama, calm and strong.  Two ewes have lambed so far, and there are four more to go.  We are so thankful for the sunshine and warm weather that arrived just in time! And here’s a few photos from this evening’s seeding: It

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Sheep Wake-Up Call

After a night punctuated by Waylon’s crying–he’s teething and the worst of it seems to be when he wakes up at night–we slept in a bit, lying in bed even as the light began to sift through the cupola windows.  The dogs barked a few times, and they reluctantly laid back down when we told

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Stretching out the Pasture

  Snow flurried yesterday morning, dusting the ground in white.  The sheep didn’t seem to mind, their fleece thick, and continued to find green grass in the pasture.  Soon enough they will be back in the barnyard for winter, eating hay and reuniting with the rams.  For now, though, they continue to move and graze

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The Rhythm of Chores

Red, yellow and orange splash across the Worcester Range and frame our pasture.  The colors of fall are rich, enveloping us in their warmth even as the cool air blows across the field and slows growth in the garden.  At the end of September I have just only gotten back into the rhythm of chores,

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Sheep Love Broccoli

We’ve known it for a while: with all the rain and cloudy skies, the solar-charged battery that runs our electric fencing was not getting enough sun to stay fully charged.  It hasn’t been much of an issue, though, as we move our sheep every day to new pasture, and the broilers, hens and pigs also

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Blink’s Boys

Edge went down for morning chores last Tuesday to find a new little lamb in the barnyard.  Blink, our black sheep and alpha ewe, had just birthed the first of two lambs and was getting ready for the second to come out.  Edge led her into a closed off area of the barn, and when

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