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What We Eat Matters

I’ve been feeling down since last week’s IPCC climate report came out (here’s a 3 bullet summary from NPR). Okay, “down” isn’t the right word—more like anxious, sad, angry, worried. I wonder sometimes how much our little farm can do to help solve the climate crisis and injustices of the world. But then I think of

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Cold Weather & Fresh Greens

We snuck off the farm last weekend for a visit to the Adirondacks.  After a summer spent mostly on the farm, four days among the mountains and lakes were rejuvenating and fun. Home now, and fully in winter-prep mode, we’re cleaning up the fields, getting ready to plant garlic, and buttoning up the hoop house

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Happy Holidays from Good Heart!

Happy Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, all the Holidays! We actually do celebrate all three, spending a night with good family friends lighting the Menorah, singing songs, and eating latkes; another night gathering with family at home to light candles for solstice; and closing the holiday season with Christmas, tree lit up and our traditional turkey dinner

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Last Summer CSA Pick-Up

  thanks to all who came out for pizza night!  we raised almost $600 for subsidized shares! How can it be that summer has come to an end?  Wasn’t it just 90º a few days ago? And just like that, it’s autumn.  The equinox really pulled us into a new season, and though we’re saying

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Potatoes, Tomatoes, Hooray!

We harvested the first new potatoes this week, the red, tender-skinned tubers releasing from the soil just as tomatoes burst into full-on ripening. We’ve been waiting for this—for the August bounty to roll in again.  The spring and early summer provided, of course, but this time of year marks the beginning of what so many

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CSA Harvest 7/30

We’re back!  (In the internet realm, that is—we’ve been deep in the farm realm all along). I’m sorry for the missed newsletters the last two weeks.  I know getting the harvest list is helpful and something you look forward to.  I also look forward to it, because it means I get to sit down, share our

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